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YouTube: Josh Carter the Mink Man

Video: This Mink Can Catch Fish as Well as Your Best Bass Rod

This guy actually trained a mink to catch fish and bring them back to him.

If you haven't already seen the Hushin video that featured this guy, let us catch you up to speed. Josh Carter, aka "the Mink Man," doesn't just have a fascination with minks. Rather, he's actually learned how to train them to work for him.

In this video, he shows us how his mink, Mamba, will actually dive into the water, chase and catch a fish, and then brink it back to him. It's as methodical as a Labrador retriever with a duck, and as efficient as throwing a cast net.

It doesn't just catch fish, though. It'll catch crawfish, too!

Watch the video below:

If you're wondering how someone comes to admire such a random animal so much, you should check out his YouTube channel, where he boasts a ton of videos, most of which highlight minks.

Did you see how well that mink pursued that goldfish? It doesn't matter how many training hours you could ever put in with a dog, it could never be that quick and nimble in the water.

So, while perhaps dogs will always own the role of a hunting companion, maybe Carter's onto something with a new fishing companion?

As you can see, he's developed a reward system, which incentivizes the retrieval of the catch. It's similar to the concept of giving a dog a treat every time it brings back a bird.

To even think to try this just seems so crazy, though, doesn't it? How does someone land on the idea of trying a mink as a working animal?

However, if you want to see more videos from Carter, it looks as though you'll have to move over to his Vimeo channel, as he recently announced he'd be leaving YouTube.