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Meals on Wheels Atlanta Starts Pet Pantry to Feed Animals of Seniors

Meals on Wheels in Atlanta is making a huge difference in the lives of senior citizens. Meals on Wheels is often the only interaction some of these seniors have with people all day. Often times these folks are on a fixed income and cannot afford to feed their dogs and cats.

Some of the seniors are giving their meals to their pets so they don't starve.

First, it's amazing that Meals on Wheels recognized this and they knew it had to be addressed. This program is new and they need volunteers and donations. The quotes in this story aren't all that surprising. Many of these seniors treat their cats and dogs like family (of course!) and this pet pantry will ensure both the animals and their owners aren't going hungry.

Many adopted their animals because they were lonely.

The volunteers play crucial roles as they see these seniors sometimes every day and every week.

If you can drop off pet food at their Atlanta location they will be able to feed even more of the cats of seniors they're helping. It's wonderful these seniors have best friends to keep them company and a food pantry for pets is such a great idea for low-income folks. If the seniors are only having one meal delivered a day and they're giving it all to their pets than everyone starves. This assistance program will prevent that from happening and the Meals on Wheels volunteers can rest easy!

One item that would be a wonderful donation for the pet panty is a water and food bowl. 

Have you worked with or volunteered with Meals on Wheels? Let us know in the comments.

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