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How Many Basketballs Will a .22LR Go Through? Find Out Now!

Everyone is getting excited about March Madness, but what we're excited about is seeing 22Plinkster find out how many basketballs a .22LR will go through.

Basketball season is a big deal for many people in the country, and March Madness is the biggest part of that is the madness that comes in March at the end of the season. But for others, who are not as into the whole tournament, a bigger question would be to find out how many basketballs a .22LR will shoot through; and to that question we can now get an answer.

We're not sure how many basketballs are used in the NCAA tournament but we'd love to see this test expanded on. Maybe find out how many balls a larger or more powerful round would go through. Maybe even all the way up to a .50BMG. Maybe after the tournament there will be some extra balls floating around that someone can experiment with.

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