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How Many Water Balloons Will a .44 Mag Shoot Through? [VIDEO]

how many water balloons
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How many water balloons do you think it will take to stop a .44 mag bullet?

We all know that the .44 magnum is "the most powerful handgun in the world," but one thing you have probably never considered about the .44 mag is how it will do against a row of water balloons.

The folks over at National Geographic decided to test this out, so they bought some water balloons and headed to the range to find out how many water balloons the .44 mag bullet will go through. What do you think will happen?

Go ahead and make your guess now, then watch the video below to find out if you are right.


Wow! That was not quite what I was expecting. How many of you got it right?

I know shooting through multiple items can make the bullet curve, but I would not have expected it to stop completely. Very interesteing results, but I think more data may be necessary.

I say we hit the range and make some videos of our own and see what answers we can add to the question of how many water balloons a .44 mag will shoot through.

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How Many Water Balloons Will a .44 Mag Shoot Through? [VIDEO]