Caboose Camper
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Man's Custom Caboose Camper Looks Just Like the Real Deal

This caboose camper is one of the coolest custom builds we have ever seen.

When it comes to Americana, the caboose is a prime example. Once used to house railroad workers who had to monitor the load and perform various tasks at the rear of the train, they are not used as widely today. However, they remain instantly recognizable to countless generations as symbol of railroads everywhere.

When David's old camper fell apart years ago due to neglect, he decided he would rebuild a custom trailer from scratch starting with the frame. David decided he wanted something a little bit more unique than the standard blocky trailers that most people build.

He ended up constructing a travel trailer that looks exactly like an old caboose! If you think the outside looks great, wait until you see this custom trailer's interior.

This caboose camper is a fantastic way for David to remember his grandpa and his life-long love of trains too. If you have never met a train fan, just know they are totally crazy about the history and machines that ride the rails. Modeling this trailer off a caboose was a stroke of genius. It is easy to see why David is so popular every time he rolls into a campground. Who would not like a closer look at this work of art? As a friend of mine always states: "Trains are cool!"

As if the awesome resemblance to the real thing was not cool enough, this trailer features a fantastic interior made almost entirely out of recycled materials. That includes the door and cabinet hardware from the original trailer. A great way to preserve memories of camping with his kids while also keeping that stuff out of the dump. If you have ever been inside a real caboose, you will notice that the resemblance to a train car continued to the interior too.

The trailer's bathroom was probably the most impressive aspect of this build. That shower was incredibly roomy and a dramatic contrast from most RV bathrooms, which often feel more like a closet than a real room.

Fantastic build David, now we want our own caboose trailer too!

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