mannequin challenge

Wisconsin Mannequin Challenge Shows All the Things We Love About Winter

The mannequin challenge is no sweat for this Wisconsin family who shows us all the things we love about the winter.

With all the great mannequin challenge videos on the internet, this has to be one of my favorite. Growing up in the Adirondack Mountains in Northern New York I can relate so much to this video.

Check it out, there's nothing like like a good reminder to all the things we love about being outdoors in the wintertime.

Let's break down everything they have included in this mannequin challenge video:

  • Ice Hockey (Pond hockey to be specific)
  • Snow angels
  • Snow shoes
  • Bundle of joy (babies bundled up for the winter time)
  • Ice fishing
  • Busch Light (I mean who doesn't love Busch Light?)
  • Jigging (And it looks like he's got a fish on the line that is participating in the challenge, too)
  • Ice Auger (Really though, that auger nails the challenge)
  • Snowmobile
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Girl in bikini literally freezing her butt off

I mean who doesn't spend time on the ice in a bikini? Ok, so most don't, but I'm sure you still probably clicked on this because of her, so for that we thank her. She took the cold weather on head first and stood there like a champ.

All-in-all, this mannequin challenge is just great and gives us all a reminder as to all the things we love and look forward to about being outdoors in the wintertime.

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