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Chris Pratt Shows Us How (Not) to Butcher a Fish

chris pratt

Chris Pratt is a big advocate of catch a release. Here he shows us just how not to fillet a fish, then release it to catch again next year.

Ok, so if you know who Chris Pratt is, you know there is humor in this before even watching. If you can't watch the video without at least the slightest chuckle, you may need a better New Year's resolution.

Here he shows us, after he has been fishing all day, how to fillet a sea bass that he caught in freshwater on a scorching hot day.

Don't just take our word for it, check out the video below to see exactly how Mr. Outdoorsman, Chris Pratt, gets it done.

You can't really take Chris seriously here, especially with his candid sound effects as he cuts behind "the fish's... fish hand."

Filleting a fish can be hard work right? At least he makes it look easy. Not sure I would dare put that fish near my mouth when it's all said and done, but at least it can give us a good laugh.

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Chris Pratt Shows Us How (Not) to Butcher a Fish