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Chris Pratt’s Son Has a Better Cast Than Most of Our Friends


Remember the first time you cast a line? It probably wasn’t as cute as Chris Pratt’s son doing it.

As little Jack readies his rod for casting, you can’t help but get excited at seeing another kid fisherman happy to be on the water.

Chris Pratt’s giving him directions the whole time, but nothing beats Jack’s reaction when he lands it in the water in a great cast.

This kid will be my partner in the bass masters pro am when he's old enough. We'll take the bass fishing world by storm. Tag me with picks of monster bass. Cmon! They're spawning!

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That little “yes!” is what makes taking youth anglers out to the water so worth it. Fishing isn’t only a great sport, but it’s an awesome way to bank some serious family time out on the water.

Passing on any hobby from generation to generation makes it that much more special, and by keeping the next generation in tune with nature, we’re ensuring that our conservation efforts over time will continue.

Can I sign up for Chris Pratt’s casting lessons? Yeah, didn’t think so. Also, it’s adorable how much Jack looks like his momma, Anna Faris!



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Chris Pratt’s Son Has a Better Cast Than Most of Our Friends