Pizza Trail Camera
YouTube: AceVlogs

Man Puts Trail Camera Over a Pizza in the Woods to See How Animals React

What happens to a pizza left in the woods?

Who does not love pizza? No one that we know, and if you know someone who hates it, well, they are not normal. Hey, we're just saying. Now, there have been plenty of recorded instances of animals scarfing down pizza too. However, did you ever stop to think what would happen if you left a pizza unguarded in the woods?

Probably not, but the guy behind AceVlogs did. He sets up a couple trail cameras and then proceeds to test three different types of pizza left in the forest.

What animals will come in to investigate? How many will eat it? It is a rather entertaining watch to see how the different animals react to the scene. This video is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Obviously, we were not surprised by the raccoon and opossum visitors. These guys have a bad habit of digging through human garbage already. They are not picky eaters! We are guessing the bear would have slurped that whole pie down had the raccoons not polished it off first. Bears have been recorded as being pizza lovers a few times in the past when the opportunity strikes.

Most interesting here were the coyote and deer reactions. These animals obviously knew the pizza was there. They knew it did not belong in the forest. They only stopped long enough for a quick look and then were on their way. At the least we thought the coyote would be interested in some sausage and pepperoni!

We were a bit surprised that the dessert pizza did not get more attention at first. One would think that would be the first thing consumed. In the end, these animals left absolutely no traces of the pizza in the forest, proving once again that no living thing on earth can resist a good pizza!

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