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Man Going Through Hard Times Receives Stunning Auction Bid for an Old Blanket

A man in a dire financial straits is absolutely stunned at the winning bid that his first phase chief's blanket garnered at auction. It's emotional.

What would you do if you had an old Indian blanket lying around the house that you casually used and didn't think much about, and one day you see an Antiques Roadshow episode with a similar blanket, and you think, "Maybe mine is worth something?" You find out that your blanket might be a First Phase Chief's Blanket that could be worth several thousand dollars?

So, you make a couple of calls and have it appraised, only to discover that it's probably worth at least $50,000. You'd be ecstatic! An auction house is recommended and you contact them. They do more research on the blanket and discover that it is even more rare than was originally thought.

It is now worth, they estimate, around a half-million dollars! Oh my goodness!

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So the blanket goes to auction, and the bidding war starts. And ultimately it sells for...

Let me restate what you may have missed in the video. This chief's blanket sold for an astounding $1.8 million. That's $1,800,000. More than a million dollars over and above what it was expected to go for.

And the man who owned the blanket? This man was in financial trouble, having lost one of his feet and trying to live on a little more than $800 a month disability pay. Bills were overdue, and he and his wife were struggling. You could not ask for a more uplifting, feel-good story.

To suggest that the sale of this museum-quality treasure has dramatically changed his life is to understate the tale. This sale made auction history, and is one of the more emotionally gratifying stories we've heard.

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