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Walk Through the Utah Antler Auction Action and See What It's All About

Who will get the big elk rack and how much will it go for? Experience a little bit of the excitement of an antler auction and see how it works.

Eric Chesser of Hushin takes you on a walk-thru of the Utah State Antler Auction. Held at the Lee Kay Shooting Center the auction sells antlers, hides and other animal parts seized or otherwise collected by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to the highest bidders.

The auction is open for a couple hours prior to starting for buyers to peruse the various items on display. Separate piles of antlers are lined up in the parking lot, along with furs and full head mounts of elk and deer. Also, there are bear and mountain lion hides and skulls, badgers and buffalo skulls, sheep and antelope skulls and horns, and moose antlers.

The bidding is fast and furious and it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of the auction.

Here's another video put out by the Utah DWR from a few years ago, where they chat about the auction and the annual loss of wildlife through poaching and wildlife crime.

With 48 wildlife officers in the state the DWR is up against it in trying to cover the entire state to thwart poaching. "The most notable emotion that I saw from the people that were here today, was anger," said Captain Tony Wood. "The reality of it is...if they didn't walk away from it realizing that every animal that's lying out here today actually represents lost opportunity for our ethical sportsmen, we will have failed."

"Until poaching is no longer socially acceptable, we're really going to struggle. And so in that regard," Wood says, "that is another benefit that I see, personally, from this auction...and that is it brings the enormity of this problem to the forefront. It makes our sporting public, particularly our ethical sporting public, aware of the problem that we're facing."

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Walk Through the Utah Antler Auction Action and See What It's All About