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Texas Man Has Socks Blown Off Feet After Getting Struck by Lightning While Walking Dogs

We cover a lot of videos and this one we had to share with readers. What if you were walking your dogs and then out of nowhere struck by lightning!

They are calling this a pop-up storm.

Workers from a nearby vet clinic immediately started CPR. Luckily this man was OK! He wasn't moving or breathing when they found him. His shoes and socks were blown off his feet.

What happened to his dog? Well, they took off! Who could blame them? They were not harmed.

The video is graphic so we wanted to warn you before watching.

Are pop-up storms popular in Texas? We've never seen a lightning strike come out of nowhere as this one does. This Texas man is simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. His name is Alex Coreas and we wish him a speedy recovery of course! What if good samaritans from the veterinary hospital weren't nearby and also these are nurses! He's so lucky someone that knows how to do CPR was there!

The bystanders in the video are shocked but run to his side immediately. This security camera footage is absolutely unreal and hard to watch. Did the national weather service have a warning out? This Texas man struck by lightning is lucky is be alive. We're so glad he lived and his dogs weren't harmed.

I've seen a scary bolt of lightning but nothing like this before. The news report also says there was a gaping hole where the lightning touched down!

Next time you're in a rainstorm please consider some of these awesome rain boots!

Have you had any issues with weather-related injuries? Please leave a comment below. 

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