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Man Faces Down Elephant Charge With Nothing But a Stick

elephant charge

Talk about nerves of steel! This man not only stands his ground during an elephant charge, but he actually walks towards the beast...with a stick!

An elephant charge is enough to make any normal person run for his life. Not this guy. He stands face to face with a charging elephant and doesn't even flinch. In fact he walks towards the elephant!

Of course we don't know the story behind this incredible scene. We only know what the video presents and it's enough to leave us amazed and flabbergasted.

Is this guy nuts? Or is he some sort of 'elephant whisperer'? Or does he simply know something the rest of us mere mortals aren't privy to?

In any case, it's a video of an encounter that is going to stay with us for a while, that's for sure.


Clearly this fellow has spent a lot of time around big, dangerous game. He can likely read the animal's physical cues - he may have understood that the elephant's charge was a bluff - and is prepared to react accordingly.

Nevertheless, wild animals are always unpredictable, and this encounter could have turned out very differently. Then again, they say that you'd never be able to outrun an elephant, and trees don't offer much security either way.

Still, for most of the rest of us it is an incredible display of nerve and determination.

You'll notice that he keeps his eyes on the elephant even as it walks away. Until he turns to the camera and smiles broadly, as if to say, "Just another day in the bush!"

Speaking of vicious animal attacks, check out this terrifying video of a tiger leaping up over an elephant and attacking a ranger sitting atop the pachyderm.

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Man Faces Down Elephant Charge With Nothing But a Stick