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Ever See an Elephant Charge an Open Vehicle in the African Bush?

In a scene reminiscent of Jurassic Park, an African elephant charged a backwards speeding vehicle.

A film crew had the scare of a lifetime when a young, though massive, tusked elephant attacked the open-top vehicle they’re in.

It’s not hard to imagine Jeff Goldblum in the back of the vehicle shouting, “Must go faster! Must go faster!”

The finale of the elephant charge is admittedly less intense than the chase. After lightly ramming the vehicle and failing to lift it with its tusks, the elephant simply backs off and returns to the herd.

Nevertheless, the dramatic encounter highlights the wisdom of having an escape plan at the ready whenever there is a possibility of encountering creatures that can potentially kill you.

It is also, in my opinion, worth asking why, when people travel by open-top vehicle through country where big, potentially dangerous animals exist.

The attack took place in South Africa, where earlier this year a leopard viciously attacked a man through the window of the vehicle he was in. See that incident in the video below.

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Ever See an Elephant Charge an Open Vehicle in the African Bush?