Man Faces Criminal Charges After Leaving 9 Beagles in the Freezing Cold

It's a cold move to leave any dog in the cold.

According to the Sun Journal, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office has charged David Ellis of Avon, Maine, for leaving nine beagles, including three puppies, in an unheated garage to face subzero temperatures.

Franklin County Sheriff Scott Nichols wrote in an email:

"The dogs are doing fine at the shelter now; they were well-fed. The issue was the extreme cold conditions they were left in."

The dogs did have the shelter of the garage; however, the garage had no doors or windows.

"I was freezing just standing there," Nichols said.

According to a witness, Ellis had moved out of the property, leaving the dogs for over two days with frozen water and no food.

A worker on the property spotted the dogs and called the Sheriff's Office.


The dogs were taken to the Franklin County Animal Shelter in Farmington. Staff at the animal shelter told the Sun Journal that the dogs were in good condition but declined any further comment.

According to Liam Hughes, director of Maine Animal Welfare, depending on how the dogs respond to care and how the investigation unfolds, the district attorney may add additional charges.

What's up with people leaving their dogs in the freezing cold? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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