Mama Dog Reunites With Her Stolen Puppies: Heartwarming Reunion

A mama dog reuniting with her stolen puppies is warming the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.

This stray dog had a litter of NINE puppies. All of them were stolen from her and dumped on the side of the road, along with trash and other unwanted things. The mama and the people caring for her and the pups desperately wanted them back.

Found By A Rescue

An animal rescue found the abandoned pups on the side of the road, but they could not bring them back to the shelter with them—They were at capacity. Instead, they left the pups with some food and a promise they would be back to check on them.

Day Two: Puppies Waiting to Reunite With Mama

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The animal rescue came back out the following day to check on the brood of puppies. Eight of them came out ready to eat the food and water that was brought to them, but one of the little pups refused to get up. It laid there curled up into a ball, looking sad. The poor little pup missed his home and his mama. He also had a tummy ache and went to a vet for treatment.

Help From Social Media To Find Mama Dog

The rescue posted pictures and videos of the poor abandoned pups on their Instagram, hoping to get a lead. Social media came through once again. The family recognized the pups and gave them a call. The family told the rescue, the mama dog was a stray and had the puppies on their property. They had been feeding them. A neighbor did not like the new furry additions and stole the pups, dumping them on the side of the road.

Mama Dog Reunites With Her Puppies

It turns out the mama dog had been crying for a week because she missed her puppies so much. She was afraid to approach the car with the rescuers there, but as soon as they gave her some space, she went running to her babies, crying because she was so happy to see all her little furballs again.

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