Istanbul Mall Opens Its Doors to Shelter Stray Dogs During Storm

When stray dogs didn't have anywhere to go during a snowstorm, volunteers opened up a mall to provide them with shelter overnight.

When a snowstorm blanketed Istanbul in snow and freezing temperatures last year, stray dogs had nowhere to go. That is, until some animal-loving volunteers allowed the dogs to come into a mall for shelter, providing them with blankets and warm places to sleep.

The Atrium Mall in the Bakirkoy served as a makeshift shelter for the stray dogs during the snowstorm. Volunteers put out cardboard for the dogs to sleep on, providing them with blankets to help keep them warm. The dogs, who were likely happy to get out of the storm, curled up on their mats and went to sleep, lining the mall's aisle.

Imgur user Balikadam captured the above photo, and noted that while they tried to get a photo with a volunteer who was feeding the dogs, the volunteer didn't feel the need for the recognition the photo would give her. The volunteers provided the dogs with shelter and care out of kindness, not for recognition or reward.

Life can be particularly difficult for stray dogs and cats during the winter. Not only is it more difficult to find food, but places to get out of the cold are few and far between. If you see a stray dog, the best thing to do is to report it to your local Animal Control so that it can receive care at a shelter. The same is true of cats, though it's also possible for you to build a winter cat shelter if you know of outdoor cats who need to get warm.

Luckily for the dogs of Istanbul, some volunteers found a solution for what would have been a very cold night for the dogs.

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