stone fishing weights

Make Your Own Rustic Stone Fishing Weights or Sinkers

You'll definitely be the envy of all the other anglers on the dock when they see you tie on one of these stone fishing weights. Here's how to make them.

We're not kidding. Show these stone fishing weights or sinkers to your fishing buddies and they will surely declare them to be one of the coolest things they've ever seen.

Combine these stone sinkers with a primitive hook made from wood and some cordage made from plant fibers and you're really going rustic with your fishing.

Granted, there is metal attached to these stone weights, and I suppose you could just drill a hole through the stone to tie your line to. But in my opinion, the wire terminal tackle just makes these sinkers more attractive.

This is a Do-It-Yourself project that looks easy and pretty darn satisfying.

Half of the fun of this project comes in the collecting of the stones. You need ones that are just the right size to enable you to drill into, yet that are small enough to not be overwhelmingly heavy when casting.

Paul Adams is the "Handmade Fisherman" and he does a fantastic job with his videos on how to make your own fishing lures and tackle.

The close-up detail, multiple camera angles and background music make his videos a favorite of mine, even if I decide not to try my hand at replicating the lures and other tackle he makes in every film he produces. I just enjoy watching them.

But I am going to make these stone fishing weights. They will be treasured items in my tackle box and, maybe, something that I'll even use from time to time. And why not? They look as cool as all get-out.

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