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DIY: Make Your Own Minion Fishing Bobber [VIDEO]

What little fisherboy or girl wouldn’t want to fish with a bobber that looks like one of the endearing animated film characters, Minions?

While this thoroughly delightful how-to video on making a Minion fishing bobber may seem time consuming – and it surely is – it also looks like a jolly good time for those of us who like to work with our hands.

The filmed process also offers a solid proceedural how-to for making just about any other molded lure or piece of fishing tackle you might envision.

The quality of this video is outstanding, with an extra special moment coming at 2:35 in the film. It seems unlikely, but Paul Adams, “The Handmade Fisherman” videographer, is able to infuse humor and joy in what might otherwise be a tedious how-to procedure.

I have no intention of ever making a Minion fishing bobber. But I did learn a lot on how I might make other lures or fishing tackle. I also enjoyed simply watching this entertaining video. We hope you do too.

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DIY: Make Your Own Minion Fishing Bobber [VIDEO]