pyramid lake

Make Pyramid Lake Your Top Fishing Destination for 2017

Pyramid Lake is the place where dinosaurs live. 

Nevada isn't most fly fishermen's first choice when it comes to top destinations to catch a trout. Don't get us wrong, Nevada has a plethora of fine waters that create an incredible fishery. However, with places like Colorado, Montana, Utah, Michigan, Idaho, or even some of the Eastern states, Nevada is low on the list. That may not be the case much longer as the legend of Pyramid lake continues to grow.

As you are about to see, Pyramid Lake, Nevada produces some of the biggest cutthroat trout you'll ever see. The numbers of these fish are what myths are made of of.

Yeah, just go to Instagram and use the hashtag #pyramidlake. You will get an eyeful. This video is one great example, but absolute lake monsters come out of this body of water every day during the season.

There are plenty of guide services that offer pretty nice packages to get on some big fish. Lodging is fairly easy to come by as well. It's pretty easy to see why this top spot should be moved up a little higher on your list of places to fish before you die, or at least in 2017.