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Possible Louisiana State Record Redfish Released Before Certification

state record redfish
Louisiana Sportsman

Would you have let it go if you thought it was a state record redfish? 

The Bayou state is known for redfish. All year long tourists and residents alike catch big reds all along the coastline. This time of year, videos start popping up all over social media of anglers catching giant reds in big big numbers. However, one such redfish just caught may have been a new Louisiana state record. Unfortunately, we will never know.

Louisiana Sportsman

According to a thread posted on Louisiana Sportsman, a redfish estimated to be close to 68 pounds was caught and released. The reason? Well, just read below to see the angler's own words.

Last Friday with nine grandkids and three sons, we went fishing in Lafitte. While fishing for trout, my son hooked this red and about a half hour or more (later), he landed it. The boys did the math and came up with 68 pounds of red fish. With nine hungry kids and Santa on the way, (there was) no time to get official with scale etc. So we put him back, would like to have seen his true weight. Been fishing for over 70 years and biggest red I ever saw.

We aren't saying this fish was a state record redfish. We aren't saying it wasn't either. Regardless, that is one big fish. Congrats all around are definitely in order!

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Possible Louisiana State Record Redfish Released Before Certification