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How to Make an Airsoft Machine Gun Out of a Soda Bottle

This airsoft machine gun is a fun, easy project you can do as a way to introduce someone to shooting.

An airsoft machine gun is fun to own, no matter your age. They're fun to shoot if it's your first time on the range, or if you've been shooting for 20 years.

One problem with airsoft machine guns in production today is that they're very expensive. Well, we've found a way around that problem.

Check out this video to find out how to build your own airsoft machine gun from a soda bottle.

That's a great project to do in your free time if you just want a fun little gun to shoot, or an excellent way to introduce a younger child to shooting. All you need is a soda bottle, a 1/4-inch, quick-release air compressor, an air compressor blow gun and a 7mm x 6-inch brake line.

As you can see in the video, this airsoft gun has a pretty incredible rate of fire, which means you can make it rain airsoft BBs at any target.

This is a great opportunity to show them how and why the gun work, and then hopefully they'll be hooked for life!