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Man Abandons Chainsaw When Tree Collapse Goes Awry

Jeremy Cadotte

When you decide to use your chainsaw to cut down an enormous tree, it's crucial that it's done the right way.

It's not just the average Joes of the world that encounter unfortunate situations with a chainsaw. Even the most seasoned professionals can find themselves in dicey situations, like this professional timber faller.

Watch as he barely escapes being crushed by this falling tree.

For the everyday tree trimmer, log cutter and bushwhacker, having a reliable chainsaw to help get the job done without bogging down is key. Unfortunately, there are too many saws available today that don't have the power or that you need or a long enough bar to get through big projects.

The 455 Rancher from Husqvarna is a tremendous saw for all around projects and won't break the bank. With nearly a 3.5 horsepower engine and a 20 inch bar, the 455 Rancher is big enough to conquer all of your tasks from splitting firewood to trimming shooting lanes for deer season.

chainsaw, cut down a tree

Definitely another important tool that the avid outdoorsmen needs in their shed!


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Man Abandons Chainsaw When Tree Collapse Goes Awry