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Two-Year-Old Hits the Range [VIDEO]

2-year-old hits the range

Most shooting videos can't be described as adorable but when a two-year-old hits the range, it can.

Going to the gun range and shooting can be many things: fun, practice, informing, tough. The guns we see there can be described as: beautiful, amazing, or a fine piece of craftsmanship. These are all words that you would expect to hear at the range or use to describe a video shot at the gun range.

Some words you don't expect to hear are: adorable, cute, or precious. But those are exactly the words we would use to describe what happens when a two-year-old hits the range.

This video shows exactly what "take your daughter to the range day" is all about: sharing the love of shooting and firearms with your daughters while they are young. All too often, shooting is seen and thought of as a man's sport, but it is something women excel at as well, and should be encouraged to do.

Don't wait until your daughter is 18 to show her a gun for the first time. Make a resolution to start them early and shoot with them often and soon they will have a love for pulling the trigger just like Bailey does in the video.

On a side note, I think we've all wanted to say, "More bullets mommy," at some point or another while we were out shooting.

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Two-Year-Old Hits the Range [VIDEO]