snake catcher

How to Make a $2 Snake Catcher

It's extremely cheap and gets rid of snakes... That is what many call a win-win.

Snakes, you either love them or hate them. Not many fall between.

But no matter how you feel about them, sometimes snakes find themselves in places where they just don't belong.

When that time comes, it is important to act with care, cautiousness, level headedness, and above all, do not scream like a little girl.

Removing a snake by catch and release is a great way to get rid of one quickly and safely, however, that's got to be one of those "easier said than done" situations, right? How do you do that, and what does it cost?

Well...only $2, and this guy is going to show you how.

So with a little paracord and PVC, you will quickly be on your way to acting like Steve Irwin and removing snakes left and right from intense situations.

OK, maybe not, but you will at least know a cheap alternative to fix your snake problem whenever you find yourself in need of snake help.

How long of a PVC pipe you use will determine how afraid of snakes you are, so cut that length accordingly.

And REMEMBER, don't mess with a snake, especially if you are not sure what species it is. There's no need for a hospital bill from a venomous snake bite.

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