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Rattlesnake Selfie Costs California Man $153K in Hospital Bills

Dan Haggerty/10NEWS

Wanna rethink that rattlesnake selfie you're about to snap?

A San Diego man, Todd Fassler, was nearly killed when he attempted to take a selfie with a rattlesnake he'd owned.

Doctors depleted anti-venom storages from two different hospitals to treat Fassler over his five-day stay in the hospital, who pulled through the fight for his life.

According to the bill statement he shared, his balance was listed at $153,161.25 on July 27 and doesn't list any insurance company adding to the payment, at least just yet.

The biggest chunk was to the pharmacy, which makes up over have the bill, at $83,341.25.

According to Bloomberg News, each vial costs roughly $2,300. The pharmacy bill of $83,341.25 would roughly equal 36 vials without taxes.

The snake clearly was able to a get a direct hit to the man's exposed arm for this much anti-venom to be necessary.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.52.09 AM

For more than one reason, it's not smart to play with these venomous creatures. The man released the snake, in the end, thinking Animal Services would appreciate the gesture.

As far as we know, the selfie was never released.


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Rattlesnake Selfie Costs California Man $153K in Hospital Bills