m1 carbine vs. ballistic gel

M1 Carbine vs. Ballistics Gel

The iconic M1 Carbine sure is light, quick and maneuverable. 

How well do the bullets stand up to a ballistics gel test?

YouTuber mark3smle tests it out in the video below:

Is the lightweight M1 Carbine worthy to be considered a man stopper? War stories from veterans have told of enemy soldiers taking almost a dozen of the little .30 carbine bullets and keep on coming.

Our friend mark3smle used military-style full metal jacket ammunition, which had a lot of penetration but not much knockdown power. He also tested Hornady Critical Defense FTX ammunition, and, with actual bullet expansion, the damage to the ballistics gel block was more impressive.

Stick with an expanding bullet for defense and leave the FMJ ammo for the target range.

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