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Ballistics Gel Test: 10mm vs. .357 Magnum

10mm VS. .357 magnum

It's a battle of two powerhouses, but who will win?

Both the 10mm and the .357 magnum are serious defense calibers.

Watch this video of a ballistic gel test where the two face off.

Two powerful cartridges are going toe to toe. The .357 magnum has a long track record of one-shot stops on attackers of all types. The 10mm is somewhat of a newcomer that might not have been around as long, but has become a major carry caliber for bear hunters or anyone else needing extra power.

YouTuber mark3smle chooses to use ballistic gelatin to see what each caliber is capable of. The results of both are undoubtedly impressive.

Which would you choose to carry? As for us, we choose both!

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Ballistics Gel Test: 10mm vs. .357 Magnum