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Have You Ever Seen an M1 Carbine Pistol? [VIDEO]

Yes, there are actual M1 Carbine pistols out there.

The M1 "Enforcer" Pistols pack rifle firepower into a pistol form.

Take a look at two beautiful versions of this interesting manufactured variation:

The M1 Carbine "Enforcer" pistols were the start to the short barrel carbine conversions made into a pistol format. This outdates the current AR-15 pistols and the popular AK-47 pistols by nearly 50 years.

More than a few versions of this gem were made back in the 1960s and the 1970s. The moral of the story is that rifles made into pistols have existed for quite awhile, the current trend is nothing new to the firearm industry.

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Have You Ever Seen an M1 Carbine Pistol? [VIDEO]