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Lumber Society Brings Summer Camp Back to Adults


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The Lumber Society is helping adults develop the necessary skills for living off the land.

The Lumber Society, an extension of Buzz Mill Coffee in Austin, Texas, is a unique social group showing urban adults the finer points of wilderness, self-sufficiency, and craftsmanship skills.

Here's their description, straight from their own words:

The Mission to engage and inspire our local neighbors in to becoming better communal woodsmen by instilling in them the values, traits, and knowledge worthy of their respective troops. Together we will develop the necessary skills for living off the land.

Members can join for free, but have to take a sort of personality quiz to deem them worthy members of one of four troops. It's an all-inclusive society, but teaming up with like-minded peers. It's a cool way to meet new people, try something new, and find that personal connectivity a lot of us lack these days.

The animal-themed troops include the Raccoons, Ducks, Owls, and Beavers. Regular meet ups at the Buzz Mill are scheduled, and the organizers are some of the nicest, most welcoming folks around.

Once you're assigned a group, you're tossed into activities that require working together, learning somewhat forgotten skills, and applying them in a fun and communal way. The spirit of the Lumber Society is strong, and members are tapping into a resource they wouldn't normally get in a big city.

That's the unique part of the Lumber Society: They're helping turn the neighborhood into the neighborwoods, and that's pretty cool with us.


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Lumber Society Brings Summer Camp Back to Adults