The Buzz Mill is a Big City Watering Hole for the Outdoorsman in All of Us

The Buzz Mill is our kind of place. Meet us there for a drink?

Just a skip down the road from downtown Austin, Texas lies the Buzz Mill, the big city's version of an outdoor, wilderness-themed coffee shop, cafe, and bar. We've stopped in a few times, and knew it was the sort of place you folks would probably enjoy too.

Here, in their own words, is what they're going for:

We aim to provide East Austin locale with quality coffee, local wares, and music with an actively involved troop community while partnering with regional independent link-minded entrepreneurs and artists all set in a cozy ambiguous step out of the daily grind.

We'd say they nailed it. Add in the wild game brunch on the weekends, and this is the sort of place a hunter or angler would feel comfortable no matter what. The instant welcoming feeling, even if it does seem a little like summer camp, is pretty tough to ignore.