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Love the Show 'Heartland'? Meet Amber Marshall's Real Horses

Can't get enough of the TV show "Heartland"?

Then it will be comforting to know that the main star, Amy Fleming, isn't just acting but is a real horse gal. Played by Amber Marshall, Amy Fleming lives on a ranch and works with abused and hard-to-train horses in "Heartland." The Canadian television show set in Alberta has slowly become a beloved, genuine television show in the horse community.

Amber Marshall is a horse lover and expert rider in real life, though, judging by her Instagram. She also lives on a ranch with horses, just like the character she plays so well.

Meet Amber's horses!

There's Cash, a Buckskin Quarter Horse.

And her husband Shawn's horse, Nitro. He's a Quarter Horse gelding. 

Then there's Cinch, Amber's bay Quarter Horse. 

Here's Screech, the sweet Mini.

And Hawk, who shares the same birthday as Amber. He's a beautiful black Quarter Horse. 

Finally, there's Talon the Miniature Horse who is the leader of the herd and also plays Monty on "Heartland."

Amber also has two dogs, Remi and China; three cats, Turner Valley, Gilman (who plays the cat at the vet clinic in "Heartland"), and Mouzer; three cows, Toro, Tuff, and Ella; an alpaca named Betty; a rabbit named Mya; and a bunch of chickens!

Other fun facts about Heartland's Amber Marshall (and in some cases her horses)?

According to her bio,

  • She had a beautiful ranch wedding at her home in 2015 and she even arrived on horseback! One of the mini horses joined the reception and danced with the groom, Shawn Turner.
  • If you love her work, Amber Marshall also played Elizabeth Smart in the made for TV movie, The Elizabeth Smart Story, that was released in 2003.
  • She was born and raised in London, Ontario and enrolled in the Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts.
  • She is now the proud publisher and principal writer of her own magazine, Amber Marshall Life & Style Magazine in which she details her many interests and highlights her bond with her fans around the world.
  • For her performance in the series Heartland, Marshall won the inaugural Canada's Screen Star Award at the 1st annual Canadian Screen Awards.

You can meet all of Amber's animals on her website and catch a season of "Heartland" on CBC and prior seasons on Netflix. You can also find Amber Marshall on social media: Instagram at amber_marshall_farm; Facebook at Amber Marshall Entertainment; and Twitter at Amber_Marshall.

It's good to know as "Heartland" fans that one of our favorite TV characters lives the part!

Do you watch "Heartland"? Tell us in the comments below!

h/t Cowgirl Magazine

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