Lou Ferrigno Shooting Range
YouTube: Taran Tactical

Lou Ferrigno Shows Off His Shooting Skills at the Range in True Hulk Fashion

Who knew the Hulk could smash up targets at the shooting range like this?

When most people think of Lou Ferrigno, they probably think of his time on the beloved TV show "The Incredible Hulk." Or maybe you best remember his bodybuilding career. He used to train and compete with names like Arnold Schwarzenegger and he even won Mr. Universe twice.

We have to be honest, we haven't heard much from Ferrigno lately. We didn't even realize he was a gun enthusiast, so it was a lot of fun when we came across the video from Taran Tactical. Watch as he takes a Heckler & Koch chambered in .45 ACP and puts it through its paces on the shooting range.

It turns out that the Hulk can smash up targets at the range as well he did the bad guys in all those classic episodes of the TV show!

Lou may be 68 years old now, but he is still in great shape. To top it off, that was some darn fine shooting on the range. Great grip, great stance and the shot placement was great on all those hits. He also managed to pull it off in a timely manner.

This isn't the first time we've shared a video from Taran Tactical. This facility was also used by Keanu Reeves a while back when he was training for his role in one of the John Wick movies. We were as surprised by Keanu's shooting skills as we were by Lou's.

Some of you may be wondering why Ferrigno was wearing hearing protection. It's popularly known that Lou suffered significant hearing loss at a young age. However, he is not totally deaf, and that means it is still worth protecting.

It turns out that Ferrigno is quite the firearms enthusiast. He has shown a great interest in airguns in the past and has even spoken at NRA conventions. Who would have thought? Fine shooting Lou, although now we want to see Ferrigno vs. Reeves in a competition at the Taran range. Get working on that guys!

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