backyard shooting ranges

5 Most Incredible Backyard Shooting Ranges

We love to shoot but the gun ranges are quite a drive.

Why not build your own range? These five backyard shooting ranges certainly get the job done.

Some homemade gun ranges are fancy and some are quite plain. What they all have in common is they catch bullets.

Take a look at these backyard gun ranges we came across and ask yourself which one would you build?

SACON™ BULLET TRAPS block wall bullet absorber

Going high-tech, bullet-absorbing blocks soak up projectiles during shooting practice. These projectiles then are recycled. Set up a target, stand in front of these blocks and enjoy the great American pastime of target shooting.

Sound-suppressed backyard shooting range

Shooting near other dwellings in residential areas causes noise issues on occasion. This might especially be a problem in the summer when windows are open and the neighbors are outside. So, this smart gunner made a baffle tube to shoot through using old tires. Now that's certainly thinking outside the box for your target-shooting needs!

Shooting a firearm outdoors in your neighborhood just got quieter, and, he stand even has sandbags for accuracy! Who needs a public range anymore with this setup?

The deluxe railroad tie range

Railroad ties have been used as gun range backstops for many decades. Generally the ties go cheap enough in price. The heavy, creosote-soaked timbers hold up very well. Make sure you build it with a hill or some kind of barricade behind it, as bullets will eventually chew through. The same goes for old, repurposed rubber tires. Better safe than sorry!

Hill backstop with ricochet guard

If you're shooting into a hard-soil hill, a ricochet guard like the one above is a great insurance. Once again, railroad ties make great construction materials for this project. This setup, with shooting practice, will give you an edge over all others when hunting season rolls around.

YouTuber Hickok45's gun range

Some backyard gun ranges have become legendary. Take YouTuber Hickok45 and his epic backyard range. With steel targets spread out up and down a ravine, it's a place we all dream of trying out.

Before you build any backyard shooting range on residential property, though, be sure to check for new laws that might lead to future legal issues. Recreational discharge of a firearm near dwelling units might be frowned upon in your area.

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