john wick training
YouTube: Taran Tactical

Keanu Reeves Shows Shooting Prowess Training for John Wick Movie

Who knew Keanu Reeves could shoot like this?

At this point, Keanu Reeves has already staked his claim as an American badass. After two heart-pounding action franchises in "John Wick" and "The Matrix" alone, he's earned a spot on the Mount Rushmore of action movies.

However, who knew he could actually shoot? He's not only capable with a firearm; he could shoot competitively!

You won't believe your eyes when you see him wield a wide variety of firearms, which includes an AR-15, a shotgun and handguns.

Watch the video below:

If you haven't already seen "John Wick 3: Parabellum," chances are you probably want to after watching this, right? The franchise has gained somewhat of a cult-like following after its first two acts, which appear to correlate with how Reeves spends his free time.

Shooting competitively on a course like this is no easy task, as quick shooting scenarios challenge your instincts behind the sights of a rifle, and require elite discipline from your trigger finger.

It's clear after watching this tactical training video from Taran Tactical that Reeves has put in a ton of work to prepare for these movies, molding himself into an unbelievable shooter.

Another cool element to the new movie and Reeves' shooting abilities is the clear lack of a stunt double. In a lot of action movies, Hollywood actors use stunt doubles to do some of the technical work, such as shooting, and it comes across as fake.

It's exciting to know you'll actually be watching Reeves in action.