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Looking for a Tasty 4th of July Walleye Recipe? You're Welcome

Barbecues, fishing, and beer, what's not to love?

For many of us, these three activities are a common theme when it comes to the 4th of July. Impressing company with your culinary skills might be the only stress you feel on this wonderful day.

Here's a great recipe video you can put to use by cooking up that fresh walleye you're sure to catch over the holiday!

I'm a huge fish eater, and I really like how this chef incorporated breakfast. His fresh walleye frittata recipe will surely satisfy your guests' morning appetites.

When I tested this meal out for myself, I found that his advice for adding heavy cream or milk to the eggs was quite helpful. It really fluffed them up, and added a pleasant texture to the dish. Although it sounds like a heavy breakfast, I found that it was more light and refreshing. I think substituting the walleye, instead of a more traditional sausage or bacon frittata, aided in creating a healthier feel to it.

This dish could also be easily modified to feed a larger crowd of cabin goers. If you doubled the ingredients and cook time in this video, you could prepare a larger pan and create more of an egg bake.

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Looking for a Tasty 4th of July Walleye Recipe? You're Welcome