Wisconsin sturgeon

Longest Wisconsin Sturgeon Ever Has Just Been Speared Through the Ice

Wisconsin sturgeon rarely get this long.

Lake Winnebago is a hot bed of sturgeon-spearing activity every winter in Wisconsin. Anglers gather in large numbers hoping to drive a spear into one of these prehistoric fish. One angler, Kyle Jenkins, just registered the longest sturgeon ever speared. This beast of a fish measured out to 85.4 inches long and weighed just over 143 pounds. The current weight record for the Wisconsin sturgeon is almost 70 pounds heavier. Regardless, Jenkins holds the record for this specific category.

Here are all the details we know about this impressive fish.

"The fish came through from my right, not necessarily down under me but off to the side," Jenkins said in the video. "I could see the head and the big pectoral fin or whatever, and I just kind of made an educated guess to where it was and I threw the spear and then the rope took off and the rest is history." 

Trying to catch a white sturgeon remains pretty high on my bucket list. However, getting out on the ice and chucking spears at a sturgeon that size doesn't seem too bad, either!