Glacier Ice House

Is a Glacier Ice House an Ice Shanty or a Luxury Home?

You know, I'm used to just sitting on a bucket. 

Ice fishing has come a long way in the last 20 years or so. When I was a kid, I used to go out on the ice with my grandpa and ice fish while sitting on a 5-gallon bucket. With this method, we carried all our stuff out on the ice with us, and it was easy to carry back, too. The bucket also doubled as a nice place to sit as you watch your rod, too. These days, though, the Glacier Ice House has taken ice fishing to an entirely new level.

You gotta check this out.

Doubling as a ice fishing shanty nicer than some of the homes people live in, it doesn't look like there's much of a need for all those layers of clothing. I would have to assume something as nice as this has a built-in heater.

You know, having something like this would be nice, but I'd be awfully nervous it would fall through the ice. When some places get 20-plus inches of ice, though, I suppose there isn't a whole lot to worry about. Growing up in Indiana where the thickness of the ice varies a lot from year to year, I'd still be a bit gun shy.

Either way, what a nice setup!