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Lock Your Doors: Black Bears Are Breaking Into Cars In Montana

Lock Your Doors- Black Bears Are Breaking Into Cars In Montana

Montana black bears have been breaking into cars recently in search of food.

With winter just around the corner, black bears are out in force looking for food before they go into hibernation. Due to their close proximity to people in some areas, there have been multiple reports of black bears breaking into cars in search of food.

Gallatin County Sheriff’s Deputy Edward Caball has responded to several calls from residents that have had bears break into their cars in recent weeks. For instance, he recently responded to a call about a bear stuck in a Toyota RAV 4 near Big Sky, Montana, that he suspects has gotten into several different vehicles this fall.

According to Caball:

“Two weeks prior he ended up getting into a Suburban and doing the exact same thing. In that particular instance he was actually looking for a cooler construction workers filled with food. I had a sneaking suspicion that it was the same bear. I just shook my head and was like, ‘Here we go again.’ It had torn off all the interior door panels and the ceiling panel. The side airbags deployed on the vehicle. I knew it was him based on the size, shape and the color patterns of the bear. It’s also due to the fact that I’m usually face to face with him on the other side of the glass.”

Fortunately, Montana Fish & Wildlife was able to trap and remove that particular bear, which was able to open car doors by using the handle. While black bears normally get into trouble with people by eating pet food left outside and digging through trash cans and dumpsters, bears breaking into cars is becoming a trend, too.

To prevent incidents like this from happening to you, ensure you lock your car doors and never leave food inside.

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Lock Your Doors: Black Bears Are Breaking Into Cars In Montana