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Will Someone Help This Bear Find Its Locker at Bozeman High School? [VIDEO]

Bear Visits High School In Bozeman

It was just another day in Montana when people didn’t get overly excited to see a bear roaming the halls of Bozeman High School.

Hey, do you have a hall pass? A black bear entered Bozeman High School through an open door and roamed the halls of the school before Bozeman police managed to shoo it out of the school.

A foreign exchange student attending classes there captured the footage below of the bear wandering the hallways of the school. Judging by the reactions of everyone in the video to the bear, as well as the fact that it was someone from another country who thought the experience was interesting enough to film, it appears as though the staff and students at the school didn’t get that excited about the bruin wandering the halls.

It kind of makes you wonder: how often does this sort of thing happen around there?

Fortunately, everyone, including the bear, walked away from the encounter unharmed. Several doors on one side of the school were opened and the bear was chased out of the school where it disappeared into the woods.

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Will Someone Help This Bear Find Its Locker at Bozeman High School? [VIDEO]