Little Goat Tries with All His Might to Jump on the Couch

Couches are hard, but this baby goat refuses to give up.

If you're ever feeling down, looking up videos of goat babies playing is always the perfect way to lift your spirits. They're silly, adorable, and they seem to always end up in entertaining situations. These little goats are having a party, and jumping on the couch is the best way to have fun. There's only one problem—one of the baby goats can't seem to conquer the height.

While his buddy shows off his leaping prowess, the poor little guy tries and tries to get four hooves on the cushion. He comes close a few times, but last-second hesitation tips him off balance. It doesn't look like his failure to stick the landing is keeping him from having fun, but he's determined to be as good as his friend. The playful pair of buddies hop, skip, and leap—the perfect examples of how goats enjoy playing just as much as more traditional indoor pets like dogs and cats.

Not all goats make good inside pets, but there are certain types that can be trained to live in a house rather than a barn. They're naughty like puppies and usually require constant supervision, but they can be taught everything including how to ask to go to the bathroom outside and how to play fetch. They're big on chewing, so curb their destructive nature by providing plenty of appropriate stimulation—like jumping on the couch! It'll also help to keep all shoes safely behind the closet door.

Our friend in the video eventually learns the right technique for jumping on the couch and staying there. The two baby goats take turns jumping up and down being their adorable selves. Pretty soon they'll be big enough no couch will be a challenge. But for now, they're entertaining thousands with their playful ways.

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