Little Girl Drops 9-Point Buck, and Needless to Say... She's Excited

Your first deer is a special moment. It's pretty clear this little girl will remember this hunt forever.

In the Mississippi backwoods, a father and a daughter that are smiling ear to ear, and we don't think it will be wearing off anytime soon.

Ask any hunter, they can describe their first deer kill like it was yesterday. Ask the father on the hunt of a child's first deer, and he can describe every detail. Wind direction, time, temperature, conditions, and most importantly the kid's reaction.

It is a special moment, and this video is a classic example.

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Not only is it a deer, but a beautiful 9-point, and a heck of a deer for a 6-year-old girl. Safe to say she's hooked and will be chasing whitetail for a long time.

Rather than explaining the whole video, we will let you watch for yourself and enjoy the excitement with her. Hopefully it brings you back to the time of your first deer or your child's first deer.

What a special moment in the deer woods. Hunting is a blast, but sometimes it's much more than the hunt itself.

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