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Man in Search of Whoever Chainsawed His Cabin Tree Stand Down

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Illinois man gives the people who chainsawed his tree stand cabin a chance to confess before he brings it to the authorities.

We love hunting. A lot of hard work, sweat, and hours go into the season's preparations, especially when it comes to things like a huge box blind stand.

To walk up and find your cabin stand chainsawed down would be enough to drive anyone mad.

It is rather unfortunate that people can sleep with themselves after doing something like this. John Clark found his huge cabin stand sawed off at the bottoms of each support pole and he is on a mission to get to the bottom of it.


John claims he has video evidence of the criminals as well as photos of them and their vehicles. The truth of that statement we are unsure of, but we will find out. He stated in the Facebook post on the matter that he would allow them one week to turn themselves in, make amends, and pay for the damages done.

If he hasn't heard from them in a week, he promised to turn the evidence into the Illinois State Police and put the matter in their hands for a full prosecution.

It could be a scare tactic, but we hope not for the sake of John. Hopefully justice is found and those who did this are punished accordingly.

Supposedly, the state police were informed and they have the evidence in their possession now. The investigation is in progress and if you have any information on the matter, it is encouraged you contact them and help.

Unfortunate, for sure. Hopefully justice is served.

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Man in Search of Whoever Chainsawed His Cabin Tree Stand Down