Little Girl and Dog Make the Most of a Texas Snow Day

Few things are better than a good, old-fashioned snow day.

Do you remember the excitement of waking up in the morning and holding your breath as you watched the local news for school cancellations? What about making snow forts, snow angels, and snowmen before heading back inside for hot chocolate, or staying in your pajamas all day and just watching cartoons? A snow day always seemed perfect, but there is one thing that could've made it even better: being able to spend it with your dog.

That's the kind of snow day a little girl got in southeastern Texas got to experience when a severe winter storm dropped snow near her home. Due to the icy road conditions, the National Weather Service warned residents to avoid traveling if possible, so she headed to the backyard for some winter fun on the snow-covered trampoline.

She was followed by the family dog, who decided to jump in and join the fun. Unfortunately, the cavorting canine wasn't prepared for the trampoline's bouncing slippery surface, and proceeded to wreck hilarious havoc, eventually knocking the girl to the trampoline floor (she was unharmed).

The girl's motherCandice Zakos, laughed through the entire episode, and since she filmed it, you can laugh along, too:

Yes, a snow day with a dog is still the best kind of snow day. Maybe just keep them away from icy trampolines.

Does your dog like the trampoline? Share your stories below!

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