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LFG Pulls 10.5-Pound Bass Out of Muddy Creek

Lake Fork Guy is no stranger to fishing beds with jigs.

Like the rest of the Googan Squad, Justin Rackley likes to dabble in many sectors of the outdoors, but undoubtedly loves largemouth bass fishing first and foremost.

His especially strong passion for bass fishing shows in his efficiency, too, as he'll land one trophy bass after the next.

It doesn't seem to ever matter where he's fishing, although it's obvious he's a student of Texas' freshwater fisheries.

Because of his extensive knowledge of his home state's waters, he's not afraid to explore different fishing strategies, and he's methodically learned what works where and shares those fishing tips with his audience.

In the following clip, he's fishing with a handful of different setups, but lands 10.5-pound monster on a jig in a muddy creek bed.

Watch the video below:

So, if you didn't just skip ahead to Rackley's biggest bass, you saw he was lighting it up all day. Any fisherman would be happy to pack it up after the first couple fish. But, he didn't stop until he landed "Big Bertha," which was big enough to find a place on most of those other anglers' walls.

He's found a lot of success in recent years by fishing beds like this, but this one was one heck of a bass.

"I'm clearing my schedule for this fish," he said once he realized the fish he was lucky enough to spot.

Sight fishing isn't always easy to do in Texas' muddy waters, but it certainly paid off with a big bass here!