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5 LED Hunting Flashlights Every Hunter Should Own

Every hunter needs a flashlight. A reliable light source can be critical to your success and, quite frankly, to your life. When hunting, there are all kinds of reasons you might need a flashlight, but not all flashlights are created equal. You can wing it with a multipurpose light, but having a dedicated light source that performs the task well can make or break a lot of hunts.

Light-emitting diode (LED) lights already commonly occupy fixtures in our homes, but should they fill our hunting packs too? Absolutely. Reliable and long-lasting, LED flashlights are hard to pass up. There are several advantages to choosing LED hunting flashlights over old-fashioned incandescent flashlights. LED flashlights are much brighter than incandescent flashlights and run cooler, with most of their energy used to produce light. This means no overheating in your hand, and no searing your skin on a hot bulb. Running cooler also means your flashlight is going to run more efficiently.

Older disposable battery options are slowly being phased out, and rechargeable batteries are replacing them. Even with this change, LED hunting flashlights are not only cost-effective but extremely efficient in how much power they use. LED flashlights require less power, and most LED products are USB rechargeable. As LED power runs down, the light source will not flicker and go out like the conventional flashlights. LED lights dim before they go out completely, giving you fair warning to plug it into a power bank for continued use or to recharge the batteries as soon as you can. Typically, recharging takes two hours or less, depending on the battery's capacity. The only caveat with rechargeable batteries is that they lose voltage over the recharging lifetime. Choose hunting flashlights that offer removable batteries instead of built-in rechargeable batteries for the most longevity.

LED bulbs are more resilient than incandescent bulbs because of their solid construction and plastic bulb design. This design equates to a more durable and reliable hunting flashlight that will withstand dropping, water exposure, and extended periods of use in harsh conditions. LED lights usually have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, an average of 30 to 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

LEDs offer more lighting options in smaller flashlights, too. These options provide hunters with the perfect light image or beam needed for the situation or task at hand. LED flashlights offer more in the way of different color lighting, strobe lighting, and floodlighting all in one unit and often with just a few button presses. Here are some suggested products and brands that should be considered when you're shopping for hunting lights.

Our Favorite Headlamp

NEBO Mycro 500+ Headlamp - Amazon, $24.99

I have owned several headlamps over the past decade, and the most impressive come with dual color lighting and dimming features. None of the headlamps I've tested could compete with the NEBO Mycro Headlamp. The Mycro offers seven light modes of white or red light in flood and spotlight mode. The white flood mode lasts for a whole hour, and the Mycro uses a USB-C charging cable and fully recharges in as little as 1.5 hours, even when using a power bank source.

The fully adjustable head strap is hands down one of the most comfortable and stable head straps I have used. My favorite feature of the Mycro is its detachable clip that allows you to use the adjustable tilt light unit on the bill of your hat or your backpack shoulder strap. The on/off push button is easily accessible at the top of the light and has a direct-to-red feature. This durable water- and impact-resistant headlamp offers some remarkable features for such a compact hunting flashlight at an economical price.

The Ideal Clip-On Light

Olight Baton 3 Flashlight - Amazon, $64.95

The Olight Baton 3 Flashlight is one light source I have with me on every hunt and as my EDC flashlight. I have used the Baton 3 during hog, turkey, deer, and predator hunts. This small waterproof hunting flashlight has a three-dimensional high-quality aluminum alloy body with a knurled design on the barrel. The magnet in the base of the barrel allows for quick and easy attachment to any metal surface for directional lighting.

This powerful LED flashlight has six lighting levels: moon, low, medium, high, turbo, and strobe. The Baton 3 recharges quickly with the included Type-C USB charging cable. A premiere edition is available, which includes a wireless charging case that holds a power bank of up to 3.7 charges. The Baton 3 fits comfortably in your front pocket, and the included pocket clip is secure enough to use the light on the ball cap bill.

Our Pick for Best Spotlight

Streamlight 300 Rechargeable Spotlight - Amazon, $114.65

Spotlights can be helpful when tracking game animals, especially in thick cover, and they can also come in handy in many other situations, as well as predator or raccoon hunting. I always keep the Streamlight 300 in my ATV and have even used it in numerous situations. The weight is balanced evenly, and the trigger-style switch and the pistol grip design eliminates arm and hand fatigue. The high-impact waterproof design makes this hunting flashlight a good choice for various applications and uses around mud or during wet weather.

Our Hog Light Choice

If there is one hunting flashlight that comes close to being a do-all hunting flashlight, the Sniper Hog Lights 66LRX is that flashlight. It is designed for mounting on a rifle for hog or predator hunting with the included quick-release mount. The system offers seven LED module choices as well as a rechargeable battery with an average 1.5-hour charge time. I used the Sniper Hog Lights 66LRX this summer for hog hunting and used it both as a mounted IR light for hunting and with the white LED module for game retrieval, and the IR lights are some of the best I've ever used. The kit comes in a quality hard case with custom EVA cutouts keeping everything together and ready for your next adventure.

The Best Blood-Tracking Light

Primos Bloodhunter HD - Amazon, $90.95

At some point in time, every hunter will experience blood trailing game animals after sunset. Finding blood droplets can be challenging, even with a quality flashlight. The Primos Hunting Bloodhunter HD offers a light source with a custom optical filter that essentially highlights blood for easier detection.

The water-resistant, machined aluminum body is square and includes a nylon holster with a built-in belt loop slide and a metal eyelet for attaching a lanyard. The only con, in my opinion, is that this product uses four CR123 batteries, but those can be replaced with rechargeable batteries when the old ones run out. The flashlight has an 8-hour run time on low. This LED hunting light might not be used often but having it in a backpack or on a belt is worth the peace of mind.

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