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The 10 Best Flashlights for Outdoorsmen and Women Today


These are the 10 best flashlights for outdoorsmen right now.

Today's flashlights offer up some of the best features in a torch that we've ever seen. Today's flashlights boast long battery life, powerful LEDs, and well-built cases. Sure, we love our headlamps and our spotlights, but when it comes right down to it, we're just as happy to have good flashlight in our hands.

If you just happen to prefer a good flashlight to all the other possibilities, or just want to include one or two in your gear bag, then you've come to the right place. If you're like us, then you just can't help yourself but to carry a couple of these handy gadgets in the truck, the car, or the gear bag. Because one simply never knows when they may need one in a roadside emergency, or an unexpected power outage.

As with many of our favorite electronic gear items they come in both battery operated and rechargeable styles, which wasn't even an option back in the day. In fact, they've come so far as to be offered in sizes that can fit in your shirt pocket and still light up the night.

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What Makes a Good Flashlight?

There are several qualities to look for in a good flashlight. These include size, weight, illumination, (lumens) battery life, waterproof capability, and durability. Put all of these into a torch, and chances are that you just purchased a good one.

Since the days of the disposable alkaline battery aren't quite behind us yet, they still have a place in our many items of gear that need some kind of power to operate them. The fact remains that the word "disposable" is something that outdoorsmen and women are a bit tired of hearing.

The best part is that most of the well-made rechargeable options can be charged in either your home or your vehicle making them easy to use on the go. As a bonus, the spent batteries can be recycled. Anything that keeps additional junk out of the landfills in a plus in our book.

As far as lumens go, anything from 800 to 1,000 lumens should be plenty for the average camper or outdoor enthusiast. Sure, you can get spotlights that are so powerful that you can see the bark on the tree across the lake at midnight, but that's another story. In most cases, you aren't going to need that much power and beam distance. In any case, quality modern flashlights only use LED lights since incandescent bulbs are virtually a thing of the past at this point.


You sure don't want to drop your light source, but we all do and it still needs to be working afterwards. In fact, it should still shed water in wet conditions, or retain its waterproof abilities even after a drop. One last thing to consider are flashlights with multiple, adjustable brightness settings and types. Many flashlights now have a strobe mode for self-defense that will blind the eyes of an attacker, or they have an automatic "SOS" mode to signal you need help to rescuers or law enforcement. These are handy features for a little extra peace of mind if you spend a lot of time in the backcountry or on the water.

NEBO 1000-Lumen Pocket Size

This is a good choice for a pocket sized EDC light that is rechargeable, made of aircraft grade aluminum, water and impact resistant.

OLIGHT S2R II 1150 Lumen

As with many quality flashlights, it has a rechargeable battery which is charged magnetically through the tailcap charging cable.

Streamlight 66608 250 Lumen

This diminutive flashlight is great for EDC and can clipped onto your hat for hands free use.


OLIGHT Baton3 Premium Edition 1200 Lumens Compact

This mini pocket light is made to be completely waterproof and corrosion resistant while giving many years of good use, and it has wireless charging capability.

DiKoMo Ultra-High Lumen Hunting Flashlight

Since it is advertised as having a 90,000 lumen output, you're not going to want to shine it towards your friends, but this flashlight will certainly light up the darkest night.

Hoxida Tactical Waterproof 2-Pack

At 1,200 lumens it has plenty of power to give and since it is rechargeable and comes in a two pack you'll have an extra torch for the kids.

GearLight TAC LED Flashlight 2-Pack

Another model that comes in a money saving two pack, the GearLight does need three AAA batteries per flashlight. Still, it has one-touch technology, is water resistant, and can survive a 10-foot drop.


Vont LED Tactical Flashlight 2-Pack

The Vont series of flashlights are the highest rated and best-selling flashlight on Amazon. They are heavy duty, have a long battery life, come with a zoom feature, and are waterproof. They even have tactical emergency settings like a SOS strobe.

Fenix PD36R 1600 Lumen

This highly-rated model comes with a carrying case, and its own rechargeable battery to be recycled and replaced when the time is necessary. It pumps out 1,600 lumens of bright light and will last over 100 hours.

Ledlenser MT10 Rechargeable Outdoor Series

This flashlight provides 144 hours of light on a single charge, three programmable light functions, and a seven year guarantee.

What a Flashlight Doesn't Have To Be

You may have noticed that many of the included models are mini-sized versions of the typical flashlights that we all grew up with. It is nice to know that we can have a good EDC flashlight that will seriously light up the night without having to be so uncomfortably large. Now a flashlight can be a part of your everyday carry kit.


It is quite amazing to know that the many manufacturers of outdoor electronics have embraced today's technology and made it available to the everyday outdoorsman. In other words, having a flashlight that can be carried via pocket clip or attached to a hat, while still lighting up the night sky with such ease certainly makes it easier to carry extra gear without using one entire hand to hold the torch.

It's not that we no longer care for the flashlight that our fathers and grandfathers used, it's just that we've learned to downsize without giving up style or function. Some of these new designs are the most powerful flashlights on Earth, and you can bet your grandfather would have appreciated the extra versatility.

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