tactical flashlight
Photo from: Gladiator Flashlights

Doubt a Tactical Flashlight Could Be Used as a Serious Weapon? Think Again

This tactical flashlight isn't your ordinary 'run of the mill' glorified candlestick. Nope, it is more like a flamethrower! 

Gladiator Flashlights has now taken LED flashlighst to a crazy new level. This is one tactical flashlight that can literally be used as a weapon to temporarily stun or even blind an attacker.

The folks at Gladiator Flashlights consider the safety of their friends and family to be a top priority.

Check out the video below to get the scoop on this game-changing LED flashlight!

This particular LED technology has been used by the U.S. Navy Seals, the Coast Guard, Firemen, Policemen, U.S. Search and Rescue, and now it is available to the public!

Unfortunately, most people underestimate the importance of owning a flashlight like the Gladiator. However, in days filled with terroism, natural disasters, and even Trump hating protesters in the streets, having the right tactical gear should be a top priority!

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