Learn to Shoot

Learn the Basics of Shooting a Handgun from This 10-Minute Video

Here are the basics of shooting a pistol quickly explained.

Learning to shoot any firearm can be an intimidating experience, but this is especially true for handguns. Gun owners have a lingo that almost sounds like an entirely different language and it is easy for newer shooters to get overwhelmed. Considering that pistols are much harder to shoot accurately than long guns, it can make things even more frustrating for the new gun owner.

Unfortunately, not every firearms instructor is good at what they do. It usually is not their fault. Some people are just not as good at teaching as others. It can be a bit annoying if you pay for an expensive class and then have no takeaways from it.

If you are a newer gun owner just looking for the basics on how to shoot a pistol, you have come to the right place. This video goes over all the basics in just 10 minutes. This guy minces no words. He quickly explains proper hand placement, grip tightness and form in a way that is easy to understand.

That is all there is to it on the basics! This guy, Lucas Botkin, gives a no-nonsense approach to the basics of shooting a handgun here. No fluff, no bragging or ego that you sometimes see with firearms instructors. Everything from grip to handling recoil to whether to keep both eyes open is covered in just ten minutes. This video would have been extremely helpful after I bought my first handgun.

We appreciate the time he spent on grip and form especially. These are some of the hardest things to master if you are trying to build skills on your own. Lucas explains things very plainly and gives some solid tips to help remember these skills once you hit the range.

The fact that he did this in such a non-intimidating manner is also greatly appreciated. This is a video you could show to anyone in advance of their first trip to the range and they would have a good idea of the basics before they even picked up a gun.

Try using these tips on your first trip to the range and it should make for a much more pleasant experience!

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