Learn the Walk Back Drill to Improve Your Handgun Accuracy, Do it Now

Better handgun accuracy should be the aim of every shooter. However, most of us shoot as the same distance every time with no change up. The Walk Back Drill might be the help you need.

As with any shooting drill, the Walk Back should be a part of your overall shooting toolbox and not the entire thing. However, if you take the basics of marksmanship and apply it to this drill, you'll see a huge increase in your abilities.

The Walk Back Drill developed by Todd Green is one of many similarly styled techniques for  improving overall accuracy and developing confidence in your shooting prowess. It does not have to be performed on an indoor, mechanical range.

You can tweak this drill to your home range by moving yourself (or walking back) to known distances. Just be sure, as always, of your backdrop and ensure you are in a safe shooting area.

Accuracy can only come with practice. Many competitive marksmen practice regularly to improve and become better shooters. The problem is that the vast majority of people who are walking around with a gun on their hip rarely practice and when they do it is seldom with marksmanship on their minds.